Age Groups & Proficiency 

Age Group Definitions
Children are divided into Age Groups: U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14.  Your child will be placed into an age group determined by the age of your child at midnight on 30 September.  Example: If a child is aged 9 at midnight on 30 September this year, they will join the Under 10 age group for the whole of the season.  At the discretion of the Age Manager, children may join an Age group above or below their age, however, they will be required to meet the water proficiency requirements for that age group. During competition, Nippers must compete in their correct age group.
• Nippers is open to every child, irrespective of swimming ability.
• All U9-U14’s are required to complete a timed 200m pool swim.
• All U8’s are required to complete a timed 25m pool swim.
• For your child’s safety, proficiency requirements reflect the swimming ability needed to participate in age appropriate water activities.
• If your child is unable to attain the noted proficiency, they are still able to participate in all beach and wade events but cannot join in any water events or competition. We ask you to work with your child to attain the required level.
• Competition proficiency assessments are completed during competition training when conditions are suitable.
Pool Proficiency Assessment – 2017
• When: 14 October 2017
• Where: Avalon Swim School
• Distance: U8’s – 25 metres, U9’s – U14’s – 200m, Under 6’s and Under 7’s are not required to complete a water proficiency assessment
• Cost: $2.00 per Nipper
• Bring: Warm clothing & towel, swim goggles and cap (compulsory)
• Be Prepared: Have breakfast before you arrive, wear sunblock and please don’t bring the dog!
Pool Proficiency Timing [TBC]
• U14s –
• U13s –
• U12s –
• U11s –
• U10s –
• U9s –
• U8s –

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