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IMG_4732CrossFit Avalon Beach is available to use by all financial and proficient active patrolling members Active Reserve, Long Service and Life Members once a Crossfit Avalon Beach Beginner Class (On-RAMP) has been completed.

As CrossFit Avalon Beach has provided the equipment for the gym it is a pre-requisite that ALL Avalon Beach Surf Club members, including CrossFit Avalon Beach members, complete the 4 x Beginner Class (On-RAMP). This is to satisfy CrossFit Avalon Beach’s Insurances and WH&S regulations.

You must complete all 4 sessions before your Club Access Key will be validated.  Consider them like semi-personal training sessions. These sessions will teach you how to:

  • Get the most out of the equipment
  • Provide safe instruction/use of the equipment
  • Identify any postural or physical limitations/dysfunctions you may have and how to deal with them
  • Provide a basic training path so you maximise your outcomes
  • Introduce you to CrossFit Avalon Beach so you can make your own unbiased decision on its training principles

IMG_0233_2Once you have completed your On-Ramp sessions Crossfit Avalon Beach will notify the Club Administrator to enable gym access to your Club Access Key providing access to the gym anytime between 5:30am and 9:30pm.

ABSLSC active patrolling members, Active Reserve, Long Service and Life members must be BOTH financial and proficient before booking On-RAMP sessions and must meet patrol obligations to continue accessing the gym.

It is not a requirement for Avalon Beach SLSC members to join CrossFit Avalon Beach.  However, to experience all that Crossfit Avalon Beach can offer, join in classes and receive comprehensive instruction so you can join up as a Crossfit Avalon Beach member.

At no time under any circumstances is any equipment to be removed from the gym.

Ensure you wear appropriate footwear, bring water and a towel… No Towel – No Train!

What if I don’t fit the criteria for gym membership?

SWP_RC-AVALON SLSC_IMG_1645smallCrossfit Avalon Beach Membership is offered to ALL Surf Club members at a substantially discounted rate.  See for further information about class timetables and rates.

For further information contact Crossfit at [email protected]


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