Due to the success of the inaugural Around the Bends Ocean Swim in 2017, this event has now become part of our regular surf sports calendar and is combined with our Avalon Beach Surf Swim usually held on the second Sunday in January.

Starting from the northern end of Newport Beach, the current will take you around the headland. Surrounded by your fellow swimmers and plenty of water safety you will continue across the sandy bottom of Bilgola Beach until you reach Bilgola Headland. Usually a great vantage point for whale watching, you will see these amazing headlands from a unique perspective. Above the water the views are great but below you the rock shelves extend to large boulders and caves. This pristine world is home to giant schools of fish and it’s not unusual to spot a turtle or a very friendly cuttlefish. 2.5 kilometres of wonder and excitement; conquer 3 beaches before breakfast in the safety of a group of ocean swimmers.  Bring your Go Pro for a truly magical experience.

Register online at www.oceanswims.com

For more information please email our Event Manager – [email protected]

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the generosity of our 2018 sponsors Secure Parking, Adrenalin, DMC Swim, The Newport, Woolworths Avalon, Amber Waves Bakery and Travel View Avalon.