Covid update

As always at Avalon Beach Nippers, our highest priority is the safety of your family.  This priority continues with the impacts of COVID and we have made some necessary adjustments to our Nipper programme to ensure that your family’s wellbeing is maintained at all times. The Avalon Beach SLSC is registered as a safe business and we have a Nipper specific COVID Safety Plan in place in accordance with Northern Beaches Branch and Surf Life Saving NSW guidelines and recommendations. This plan will be reviewed and updated ahead of our 2021/22 season.

How Nippers will run at Avalon Beach SLSC during the Covid pandemic
Our Nipper programme will be largely unchanged. Here are the key messages:

COVID Motto: Turn up, have fun and head home. We are asking all parents to comply with this directive from NSW Sport, avoiding spending additional time at the beach or clubhouse outside of Nippers.

Contact tracing – kids: Done via the regular roll call system.

Contact tracing – parents: Done via a QR code scanning system we will have in place with each age manager group.

Social distancing – kids: Kids are not required to social distance during Nippers while on the beach. For the SRC doing training inside we will adhere to Covidsafe practices relevant at the time of training.

Social distancing – parents: Parents must socially distance themselves while on the beach (1.5m).

Social distancing – Between Age Groups: To encourage social distancing between the age groups we will continue with our Palmy and Avalon split during the season. We will split the groups for 11 out of 15 nipper sessions.  Set up roll call flags in front of Clubhouse with much greater spacing.

Canteen: The canteen will be open but with a more limited grab and go menu. We will also have lines clearly marked for queuing etc.

Internal Showers and Toilets: Will be Closed. Please ensure your children are taken home to shower (otherwise get them to rinse off in the surf!!).

Parent/Guardian Spectating: Maximum one parent per Nipper per age group spectating. For example, mum can watch a child in one age group, dad can watch a sibling in another age group.

Equipment Cleaning: We will be cleaning all equipment at the end of each Nipper session.

Helping out the kids: This season, only Age Managers and qualified water safety members will be able to support the delivery of Nippers. Trained Age Managers and Water Safety team members will help us ensure that Nippers are kept safe both in the water and on the beach.

All the more reason to become an Age Manager and/or do your Bronze!!! We need you more than ever!!  As always, we would love for more people to join the team! If you are interested to find out more, we run Bronze Medallion Courses twice a year; March and October.   Register your interest here

COIVD Coordinators: COVID coordinators will be present at all Nipper sessions. They will be identifiable as they will be wearing a super ugly high vis vest.


 Ways Parents Can Help Us All Stay Safe

We are asking all parents to support us to meet Government requirements and stay COVID-19 safe by:

  • Staying at home if you or your child have any COVID-19 symptoms or are unwell
  • Registering for nippers online
  • Ordering your kids uniforms online
  • Bringing your own sunscreen, water bottles and towels to avoid sharing
  • Help us clean the nipper equipment at the end of each session
  • Consider downloading the Federal Government’s COVIDsafe App. The app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19, helping to support and protect you, your friends and family.

We are committed to keeping all members of the club safe, and we thank you for your support and understanding. As Government restrictions change prior to season start, we will update you on information as it becomes available.


Resources / Reference Material:
Click here for a copy of our safety plan.
Government Websites: as required in our safety plan and as follows:
NSW health COVID news and updates.
NSW Health public COVID-19 Clinics and free COVID-19 GP Respiratory Clinics in NSW.
Recommend testing if someone has a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath and meets the current testing criteria.
eLearning SLSA Course COVID-19: What It Is, How to Prevent Spread online awareness course (Est. Duration 5-7 minutes) created by SLSA eLearning provider eTrainu
eLearning Course created in partnership by The NSW Department of Health and Aspen Medical. COVID-19 infection control training (Est. Duration 30 minutes)