Nipper Membership Fees – 2021/22 season

Minimum Nipper Fee $ 240 Includes: 1 Nipper (aged U6 – U14) and up to 2 x parents (Active or General Members)

Every other Nipper in your family $70 ea

If you have an Active Kids Voucher please have it ready BEFORE you begin your membership renewal.  Enter the full value of your voucher ($100) when prompted in order to redeem the maximum voucher value. Then simply deduct $100 from your final payment for every voucher redeemed. No voucher – no problem, simply scroll down and click ‘Next’ to bypass that page.

Click here for Members Area to renew membership and pay membership fees

Under 9 – Under 13 waived 2021/22 season
Under 14 – Under 18 waived 2021/22 season
* invoiced directly by the Club and must be paid before a board is issued.


First SLS carnival of the season complimentary
Remainder of season, per Nipper $75
* invoiced directly by the Club and must be paid 7 days prior to attending first carnival.



Membership Fees | in the event that Nippers is suspended due to an unforeseen Covid-19 LGA lockdown, the Club will retain membership fees for the 21/22 season and apply an appropriate discount (subject to no. of weeks missed) to the following season’s fees. Any family suffering financial hardship can apply for a refund of Nipper membership fees if greater than 50% of the season is cancelled due to a Covid-19 lockdown. The refund will be applied to out-of-pocket expenses only and under no circumstances can the value of a redeemed Active Kids Voucher be reimbursed.
Nipper Uniforms | No refunds will be offered for Nipper uniforms.
Course Fees | If your Nipper is undertaking their SRC or Youth Bronze Medallion the course fee will be deferred to the next course date.


Nipper – child attending Nippers (aged Under 6 – Under 14).

Under 15 Cadet – Free membership if your child is Under 15 and has attained the Surf Rescue Certificate.
–  Parents of U15 Cadets must remain as General members until their child reaches the age of 15.  Membership fees for up to two parents is $80.00

Under 16 Rookies – Under 18 – Free membership if your child is Under 18 @ 30 September 2021.
–  It is not compulsory for parents of these age groups to be a member.  If you wish to remain as a General member then membership fees for up to two parents is $80.00.

General Member – parent/guardian of child.

Active Member – parent/guardian of child with a proficient life saving qualification (ie. Bronze Medallion) and assigned to Nipper Water Safety Patrol and/or Beach patrol.