Sunday Swim

The Sunday Swim is a regular swim event which takes place throughout the patrol season.  Swimmers meet at the patrol tent at 11:00am when the beach is open. The swim handicapper sets the course depending on the conditions and the race usually takes place adjacent to the patrol flags. In challenging conditions the swim may take place along the gutter close to the shore. Water safety is provided by the patrol on duty and this is usually an IRB crew, sometimes additional paddle boards and/or tube swimmers depending on numbers participating. Younger cadets and nippers can take part with the assistance of their patrolling parents or fellow bronze holders. Associate members are also welcome to join us.  There are end of season prizes to the top point score finishers and also a weekly prize.

The race may take the form of a handicap event but more likely a “Guess your time” race where the swimmer who guesses closest to his/her actual time wins. This allows the swimmer to enjoy the challenge of completing the course at their own pace or go flat out to try to be first home.  This event has been running for many years and is a great way to participate at a club level, learn more about swimming in the surf, get fit and get to know some of the other members of our club in a fun environment.  Email our Swim Captain: [email protected]

Thanks to our Sunday Swim sponsor Swell Café