About Membership

Avalon Beach SLSC is a family focused Club with a strong sense of community.

Our movement prides itself on providing members with a sense of belonging, education, skills and opportunity to give back to the community. We welcome Australians of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages.

There are many ways to get involved with our Club- weekend patrols of the beach as a fully qualified Lifesaver, enrolling your kids in our fun Nippers program or supporting our Club and enjoying access to member only hot showers with an Associate Membership.

We have a number of membership categories enabling a variety of people, with a diverse range of skills and experience, to become members of our Club. Membership renewal opens on 1 July and the membership season is from 1 September – 31 August in the succeeding year.  Refer to our Membership Fees page for current membership prices.

Membership Enquiries: [email protected]

Join up, get involved and be part of a great community organisation!


 Membership Categories


Junior Activities Member (Nippers): A Junior Activities Member shall be a person who is a minimum age of five years and up to a maximum age of thirteen years at the start of each season. Refer to our Nippers page for further information on Junior Activities Membership.


Cadet Member:

A Cadet Member shall be Under 15 y/o and who has already obtained the Surf Rescue Certificate in the current season or has passed an annual skills maintenance test.



Active Member:


An Active Member shall be a Bronze Medallion holder and shall fulfil the full patrol and Club obligations and qualify in an annual skills maintenance test each season unless the member has obtained the Bronze Medallion in the current season.



Reserve Active Member:


Reserve Active Membership may be granted to Active Members who have satisfactorily completed at least eight years of patrol and Club obligations and who continue their skills maintenance. 

Reserve Active Membership shall perform a minimum number of patrols as required by SLSA and further patrol duties at the discretion of the Board of Management.



Award Member:


Award Membership may be granted to persons who hold an Association Award of one or more of the following designation; Surf Rescue Certificate, Radio Award/s, Resuscitation Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, First Aid Certificate. 

Such members will be called upon to perform patrol and/or other Club obligations within the scope of their qualifications.



Long Service Member:


Long Service Membership may apply to members who have completed ten years active service or to members who have completed eight years active service plus four years reserve active service. 

Long Service Members may be exempt from all patrol obligations.



Life Member:


Life Membership may be granted to members who have rendered distinguished service.  For service to be considered as distinguished it must be both sustained and a conspicuous contribution.



Life Guardian:


Life Guardianship may be appointed to persons not holding a Bronze Medallion who have rendered exceptional service to the Club over a period of not less than ten years.





Associate Membership may be granted to persons who may, or may not, hold an Association award. 

Associate Members shall not have Club voting rights unless elected to office or position, which is provided with voting rights by the Club Constitution.  





General Membership is granted to parents of Junior Activities Members (Nippers) who do not hold Active Membership or any other type of Membership. 

General Membership may be also be granted to persons who may or may not hold an SLSA award.  General Members shall not have Club voting rights unless elected to office or a position which is provided with voting rights by the Club Constitution. 





Probationary Membership shall be the designation of any person for the time period between applying for membership and the gaining of an Award and/or the granting of a formal category membership by the appropriate Club Board.