Skills Maintenance

Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) is an annual requirement to:

  • Ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities.
  • Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of Surf Lifesavers.
  • Satisfy legal and statutory requirements.

A member’s proficiency is valid until 31 December the season after proficiency is gained.  The cut-off point is June 30.  For example, if a member gains proficiency in July 2022, it is valid until 31 December 2023.  If a member gained proficiency in February 2023 it is only valid until 31 December 2023.  

First Aid courses usually have a three year proficiency requirement.

Information regarding Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) is emailed to all patrolling members at the start of each season.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure they complete their proficiency prior to the cut off date.

Bronze Medallion Dry Skills Maintenance is completed online via the Members Area portal. How-to-access-Skills-Maintenance-online-courses-

Bronze Medallion Wet Skills Maintenance consists of a Run-Swim-Run (200m, 200m, 200m) unaided in less than 8 minutes, a board or tube rescue (your choice) and spinal management.  Wet proficiency is undertaken at your first patrol of the season.

Spinal Management Skills Maintenance is incorporated in the Bronze Wet session.

IRB Skills Maintenance is held at patrol changeover times during the first round of patrols, conditions permitting. Any questions re IRB skills maintenance, contact our IRB Captain | [email protected].

Failure to complete Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) before 31 December results in suspension from your patrol team and an immediate restriction to member benefits. Non-proficient members may not perform patrols, operate rescue craft or compete in Surf Life Saving competitions. Non-proficient members will have their club keys disabled.