Existing Members


Existing Members with a Members Area (portal) account

Step 1: Log into the Members Area  If you have forgotten your password select “Forgotten Username or Password” and follow the prompts to have it resent to you.

Step 2: Once you have accessed the Members Area Home Page you will be promoted to renew your family membership or individual membership.

Step 3:  Select the check boxes next to the names of the members that will be renewing their membership and submit.

Step 4: Membership fees will be displayed against each member’s record.  Select the membership fee that applies to each member and submit.

Enter credit card details, then “Next”.  You can also refer to our Membership Fees page.

Membership renewal must be completed online via the Members Area.


What if I am an existing member and don’t have a Members Area Account yet?

Step 1:  Visit Members Area

Step 2:  From the Members Area home screen, select “Don’t have a Members Area account yet? “Click here to create one”.

Step 3: Enter your details. These records must match our database records. Click the Next button.  If you receive an error message “The information you have entered does not match any records in the system” contact our Registrars for verification of our records.
Junior Club: [email protected]
Senior Club (15+ years of age): [email protected]

Step 4: Create your unique Log In Name and Password.

Step 5: Enter the authentication # sent to your mobile or email and click Next.


Need Assistance?

Assistance in the use of the SLSA Members’ Portal can be found via the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 1300 724 006.

Membership Enquiries: [email protected]