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Avalon Beach SLSC was approached by a group of Australian expatriates living in Singapore in 2016 who were keen to start a Nippers program. By 2017 the first squad of Bronze Medallion were trained up and ready to go. The spirit behind Singapore Nippers is best described by former President and Founder, Skye Wellington: “There’s no waves”, they said. “The beaches are man-made”, they said. People thought I was mad when I first had the idea to start Nippers in Singapore. But Nippers is about so much more than waves. Sure, our waters are practically a shipping lane and we don’t have a clubhouse, but there is a lot of Aussie spirit living on the Little Red Dot and I was sure other people felt the same as me: that some garden hose, sand and saltwater could produce a lot of get-up-again perseverance, fear-fighting confidence, odds-beating teamwork, and outloud laughs. At the very least we would have a great excuse for a regular sausage sizzle. So we did it. We borrowed a bit of beach in 2016 with 10 kids, a bunch of friends, some random parents who found each other through a Facebook post, and a lot of grit.”

Word of mouth spread like a beach blanket and the Nipper program at Sentosa Beach has been operating successfully ever since. Avalon Beach SLSC trainers head to Singapore annually to train new parents in vital surf lifesaving skills and undertake skills maintenance for existing members.

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