Surf Rescue Certificate

At age 13 you can become a Cadet Surf Lifesaver by completing your Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). Over approximately 10 weeks, typically held with mid-week theory and weekend practical application, you will be provided with the skills and knowledge to be able to participate as a Cadet in Life Saving operations and join a patrol team at Avalon Beach.

The course covers:

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Surf awareness and skills
  • The human body
  • Resuscitation
  • Defibrillation and basic oxygen techniques
  • First aid
  • Communications
  • Rescue techniques
  • Beach management

You must be a member of our Club and at least 13 years of age to complete your Surf Rescue Certificate.

Click here for Course Syllabus (SRC)

At Avalon Beach SLSC we run this course once a year, typically in October-December.  Upcoming course dates will be promoted on our Home page Newsfeed.

SRC Fees

All SRC training fees are paid via the Members’ Portal.  Click here for Members’ Portal  (Please select Training Material/Manuals from the Transaction Type drop down menu).

*Reduce Course fee by:

  • $40 if you have your own training manual (must be 34th edition)
  • $15 if you have your own CPR mask
  • $30 if you have your own Hi Viz vest
* Manual (34th edition) $40.00
* CPR Mask $15.00
* Hi Viz Vest $30.00

Interested in completing your Surf Rescue Certificate?
  Expressions of interest to our Chief Instructor at [email protected]