About Surf Sports


Surf Sports is an integral part of our Club culture and all of our members have the opportunity to compete in carnivals at a local, branch, state, national or even world level.  Many of our Lifesavers compete so that they can maintain and improve their surf skills and fitness whilst simultaneously gaining recognition for their sporting achievements.

There is a range of events in which members can compete, including sand events (beach sprinting, flags) and water events (swimming, board, skis, surf boats and IRB racing) and first aid events (champion lifesaver, first aid and patrol competition).

Our Surf Sports teams are always on the lookout for fresh, enthusiastic new members who are willing to challenge themselves, have a great time and dedicate themselves to an exciting new sport.  A prerequisite is your Bronze Medallion, however no pre-existing skills are required – we will teach you everything you need to know.

If you’d like to know more about joining a team, the training required and the benefits derived from carnival participation, visit our Bangalley Bar during opening hours (the boaties run the bar every Friday and Sunday) or email Director of Surf Sports at [email protected]