Member Insurance

If you have suffered an illness or injury while performing authorised Surf Life Saving activities such as training for, or competing at, an endorsed carnival, whilst attending Patrol or a Nippers activity, Workers Compensation may be payable under the Workers Compensation (Bush Fire, Emergency and Rescue Services) Act 1987.

Who is entitled to make a claim?

All registered SLSNSW financial members provided the injury or illness occurred while undertaking a genuine, authorised activity as a Surf Lifesaver or Nipper.
Members who compete in elite events where prize money is paid or professional sportspersons or competitors who compete in events not under the control of SLS may need to take separate insurance / workers compensation.



Step 1:

Immediately notify a Club Official, eg. Patrol Captain, Age Manager, Club Captain.

Step 2:

The injury or incident must be recorded in the Patrol logbook and Incident Reporting Database (IRD) by a nominated Club official as soon as practical after the incident occurs. An Incident Number will need to be provided to iCare NSW.

Step 3:

Complete the Workers Injury Claim Form, including any witness details and send it directly to iCare Workers Insurance within 48 hours of your injury. This can be done via fax:02 9287 4828 or email at [email protected].  Please retain a copy for your records and forward a copy our Safety Officer at [email protected]. If your injury will keep you away from paid employment for at least 7 days you will need to contact WorkCover NSW immediately on 13 10 50.

Step 4:

Provide any documents required to assess the claim.


Step 5:

If you require medical treatment, approval must be obtained from iCare prior to the commencement of treatment (unless the treatment is needed in case of an emergency).

WorkCover NSW will assess your Workers Compensation claim and advise if liability has been accepted or declined after all the official documentation has been provided.

WorkCover NSW requirements

Additional documentation such as a Certificate of Capacity, pay slips, tax invoices and receipts may be required. If your claim is accepted by iCare you will be assigned a case worker.

Further information and forms can be found on the SLSNSW website here.