Age Group Definitions

Children are divided into Age Groups: U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14. Your child will be placed into an age group determined by the age of your child at midnight on 30 September.

Note: Proof of age/birth certificate must be sighted for all new children joining our Club.

To ensure children can be in an age group with their friends during regular Nippers the children may (at the discretion of the Age Manager) join an Age group above or below their age. However, they will be required to meet the water proficiency requirements for that age group.

U6 | (Surf Play One)
U7 | (Surf Play Two)
U8 | (Surf Aware One)
U9 | (Surf Aware Two)
U10 | (Surf Safe One)
U11 | (Surf Safe Two)
U12 | (Surf Smart One)
U13 | (Surf Smart Two)
U14 | (SRC)

Nipper Proficiency

During competition, Nippers must compete in their correct age group.