Age Group Definitions

From U6 – U14, we’ve got everyone covered! Remember, the age at 30 September determines the age group and your child will automatically be assigned to their age group. Want to change groups? No problem, chat with your Age Manager or email our Registrar.  [email protected]

Each Nipper will need to pass the water proficiency requirements for their age group and compete in their actual age group.


U6 | (Surf Play One)
U7 | (Surf Play Two)
U8 | (Surf Aware One)
U9 | (Surf Aware Two)
U10 | (Surf Safe One)
U11 | (Surf Safe Two)
U12 | (Surf Smart One)
U13 | (Surf Smart Two)
U14 | (SRC)

Nipper Proficiency