New Members

Step 1: Complete an online application form for EVERY new member (ie. your Nipper/s and you the parent/s) via the SLSA website: Please complete all sections highlighted in the red boxes.  It is compulsory for at least ONE Parent/Carer to register as a General Member but  much more fun if both Parents/Carers register!  Why?

  • You can’t assist in Nipper activities unless you are a member
  • Sunday morning Nippers will be much for more fun for you and your kids if you’re helping out
  • If you injure yourself at Nippers, you will be covered by insurance

Step 2: Once your application form is submitted, click on the make a payment link and pay your membership fees. See membership fees page for current membership fees or from the payment screen select “Click here for price list”.

Step 3: Before your membership can be processed by our Registrar, EVERY new member needs to provide proof of age as part of the registration process and, if over the age of 18, sign a Member Protection Declaration Form. Please email a copy of proof of age, (passport, birth certificate or drivers licence) as well as the signed Member Protection Declaration Form to [email protected].