New Members

It’s great that you’d like to get involved in our Nippers program and it compulsory for at least ONE Parent/Carer to register as a General Member but much more fun if both Parents/Carers register!  Why?

  • You can’t assist in Nipper activities unless you are a member
  • Sunday morning Nippers will be much for more fun for you and your kids if you’re helping out
  • If you injure yourself at Nippers, you will be covered by insurance

It only takes a few simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the “Join the Club” button on the homescreen and follow the prompts. User guide available hereNote: an application for membership must be completed on-line by every new member (your Nippers and you as their parent/guardian).

Step 2: Once your application form is submitted, click on the make a payment link and pay your membership fees.  Click here for Membership Fees

Step 3: Email our Nipper Registrar a proof of age document (passport, drivers license, birth certificate) for each new member.  [email protected]

Once we have received your online application for membership, our Club registrars will be in touch if anything is outstanding.  Once your membership has been processed and your membership fees have been paid, you will then be able to set up a Members’ Portal account – a one-stop shop for everything surf lifesaving! User Guide available here.


Transferring from another Club?

If you are transferring to Avalon Beach SLSC from another Surf Life Saving Club you must request a transfer via the Members Area:

  • Login to the Members Area and select “Memberships”, then “Renewals, Payments & Transfers”, then “Join/Transfer to a new organisation”.
    Select “I want to join a surf club, or transfer to a different surf club”
  • Select the Organisation you want to transfer to
    State = Surf Life Saving NSW
    Branch = Sydney Northern Beaches Branch
    Club/Organisation = Avalon Beach
  • You will then be given 3 options and you must choose one of these options:
    Full transfer – You completely leave your current club.
    Competition rights transfer – Keep your membership at your current club(s) but move your competition rights to a new club. You will then have dual membership.
    Non-competition rights transfer – Join another club, while keeping your membership and your competition rights at your current club. You will then have dual membership.
  • Update your personal details, in particular your email address, home address and mobile phone number.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the appropriate declarations and submit your request.
  • IMPORTANT:  you will then be directed to the MAKE A PAYMENT screen.  Select “Click here if you wish to pay on-line”.  Membership fees will then be displayed. Follow the prompts for payment.

Transfers between clubs need to be approved by both the Club a member is leaving and the Club a member is joining.  This process is not instantaneous.

To follow the status of your membership transfer, contact the Registrar of the Club you are leaving or the Avalon Beach Registrars. [email protected]