Choose Your Patrol

This season if you are an active member, you will have the opportunity to CHOOSE YOUR PATROL. You will shortly receive a questionnaire by email which must be completed Sunday 4th September if you would like to take part in the patrol selection process. Core Patrol Teams comprising of a Patrol Captain, Vice Captain, IRB Driver, IRB Crew and ART qualified member have been selected and rostered with their patrol dates. This information will be shown in the questionnaire.
You will have three preferences to choose your patrol.
If you are assigned to a Core Patrol Team and would like to change patrols, complete the patrol selection process. Your patrol will be changed if your position can be exchanged with a member holding an equivalent qualification.
Patrol positions will be allocated as submissions are received, so be quick. If you want to be on a patrol with friends, arrange with them to submit the same preferences.
Active members who do not submit a preference will be rostered as required. We will make every attempt to accommodate your preferences, however we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to one of your preferences.
Active members are expected to attend all of their rostered patrols. If you cannot make your patrol date, you must arrange a substitute and let your Patrol Captain know.
A reminder that membership fees increase on 1st October, so renew now.
Thank you again for the hours you volunteer to keep our community safe.