Registration 2017/18 Nippers

Information regarding Membership Fees, Pool Proficiency Assessments, Uniforms and Registration Assistance days can be found on this page.  Step by step instructions to help you join or renew your membership are provided below or in the following document: SLSA Members Portal Guide – Getting Started 

Enquiries: [email protected]


Renewing Members

Please complete your membership renewal online via the Members’ Portal. 

Step 1:  From the SLSA Members’ Portal Login Screen, enter your Username and Password.  If you have forgotten your username and password, follow the prompts on the Members’ Portal login page.  

Step 2:  From the Members’ Portal Home Page, select the “Life Saving Online” Tab (situated on the dark blue header bar).

Step 3: If you are renewing a single membership, click on the “Renew” button.  If you are renewing a family membership (and have already linked all family members together as Family Group) , click on the “My Family” tab, then “Renew Memberships” tab.  For instructions on how to create a Family Group, see below.

Step 4: It is important that all Members check the accuracy of information contained in the Members’ Portal, especially contact information so our Club can communicate with you.  

Step 5: Read the Membership Application and Declaration Statement and click the Acknowledgement boxes at the bottom of the page and Submit.

Step 6: Once your Renewal form has been submitted, you must pay your membership fees by clicking on the ‘Make Payment’ link from Membership screen and follow the prompts. A price list is available by clicking on the link next to “Entity to Pay”. Membership renewal is not complete until both the Renewal Form has been submitted and your membership fees have been paid.


How to Create a Family Group on the Members’ Portal

Once every member has set up an individual Members’ Portal account, you can link all family members together as a Family Group.  This enables you to easily manage all family member details in one combined account. Step by step instructions to create a Family Group and renew all members of your family together is available here:  SLSA Family Groups – User Guide  


What if I am an existing member and don’t have a Members’ Portal Account?

Step 1:  Visit 

Step 2:  From the SLSA Members’ Portal Login Screen, select Line 1 – “Don’t have an account yet? Click here to create a new portal account”. Enter your first and last name, DOB, gender and preferred Identity Confirmation Method (Email or Mobile Phone Number). These records must match our database records. Click the Next button.  If you receive an error message “The information you have entered does not match any records in the system” contact our Registrars for verification of our records.
Junior Club: [email protected]
Senior Club (15+ years of age): [email protected]

Step 3: Create your unique Log In Name and Password.

Step 4: Enter the authentication # sent to your mobile or email and click Next. See next Table – Step 2 for further instructions.


New Members 

Step 1:  Complete an online application form on the SLSA website:

Step 2:  Once your application form is submitted, click on the make a payment link and pay your membership fees.  See below for current membership fees.

Step 3:  Every new member needs to provide proof of age as part of the registration process and sign a Member Protection Declaration.  Please email a copy of proof of age, (passport, birth certificate or drivers licence) as well as the signed Member Declaration to [email protected]


Transferring Membership

If you are transferring to Avalon Beach SLSC from another surf life saving club please follow these instructions:

Step 1:  Existing members of Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) start the transfer process by logging into their account via the Members’ 

Step 2:  Access Lifesaving Online > Memberships > Join/Transfer to a new organisation.  Select the Organisation you want to transfer to (State = Surf Life Saving NSW, Branch = Sydney Northern Beaches Branch, Club/Organisation = Avalon Beach).  Transfer = Will generally be a “Full transfer” but you should select the correct level for your individual circumstances.

Step 3:  Update your personal details, in particular your email address, home address and mobile phone number.

Step 4:  Scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the appropriate declarations and submit your request.  Once your request to transfer is submitted please complete your payment
Transfers between clubs need to be approved by both the club a member is leaving and the club a member is joining, this process is not instantaneous. If you are unsure of where this process is up to you should contact the registrar for the club you are leaving or the Avalon Beach Nippers registrar at [email protected]


Registration Support

Registration support can be gained from the helpdesk on: 1300 724 006.


Nippers Membership Fees 

Nipper Fees with General Member parents
1st Nipper (includes membership for 2 General member parents) $190
Additional Nipper $70

Nipper Fees with 1 x *Active Member
1 x *Active Member $80
1st Nipper (inc membership for 1 x General member parent) $110
Each additional Nipper $70
* Active Member is a Member with the following Membership Category: Active 15-18 yrs, Active 18 yrs and over, Reserve Active, Award & Long Service

Nipper Fees with 2 x *Active Members
2 x *Active Members $160
Each additional Nipper $70
* Active Member is a Member with the following Membership Category: Active 15-18 yrs, Active 18 yrs and over, Reserve Active, Award & Long Service

*ACTIVE Members must have a Bronze Medallion or Award qualification, be proficient in their Award and complete their patrol duties/water safety obligations.


Under 15 (Cadets) – Membership Renewal must be completed but no fees apply.  A Cadet Member is an Under 15 year old who has obtained the Surf Rescue Certificate in the current season or has passed an annual skills maintenance test.  SLSA Membership Category Active (15-18)

Under 16 (“Rookies”) – Membership Renewal must be completed but no fees apply. This age group must renew their Membership as a Cadet. Note: Course fee of $95 applies at the time of commencing Bronze Medallion training.  SLSA Membership Category Active (15-18)

Under 17 & 18 (“Bronzies”) – Membership Renewal must be completed but no fees apply.  Must be Under 18 on September 30 of the current year. SLSA Membership Category Active (15-18).


Nippers Additional Fees 

Annual Kracka Board Hire – $TBC
Annual Bennett Board Hire Fee – $TBC
Annual Carnival Competition Fee – $TBC per competitor


Age Groups

The age group for the season is determined as at midnight on 30 September. Listed below are the age groups children will be in for the season if they were born between the following dates:

Under 6     1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011
Under 7     1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010
Under 8     1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009
Under 9     1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008
Under 10     1 October 2006 to 30 September 2007
Under 11     1 October 2005 to 30 September 2006
Under 12     1 October 2004 to 30 September 2005
Under 13     1 October 2003 to 30 September 2004
Under 14     1 October 2002 to 30 September 2003


Registration Questions: If you have any other questions or concerns about Nippers registration please contact Shellie Vincent via [email protected]

Nipper Uniforms

The uniform store is located next to the Nippers Kiosk, ground floor, NE corner of the Surf Club.  The store will be open at the surf club on Saturday 16 September (TBC) from 12:00 noon til 4:00pm to coincide with the Water Proficiency Assessment.  The uniform store will also be open each Sunday during normal Nippers approximately 900am -10.30am.  All club merchandise and Nipper Uniforms are available from the uniform store.   For Club merchandise and Nipper Uniform information click here.

  • Nippers is open to every child, irrespective of swimming ability. Nippers involves a variety of events that are designed to educate the children in all aspects of surf safety and beach awareness, and not all activities involve getting wet.
  • Water training and events are introduced dependent on age group.  For safety’s sake proficiency levels are established to reflect the swimming ability needed to safely partake in these events.
  • The table below lists the ages, and distances, at which water events are introduced to Nippers, and the matching proficiency requirements for those ages.  However note that Nippers need to pass their noted proficiency even if not competing.
  • If your child is unable to attain the noted proficiency, they are still able to participate in all beach events but cannot join in any water events or competition.  We ask you to work with your child to attain the required level.
Pool Proficiency Assessment –  TBC

All Nippers U8 and above need to complete a water proficiency assessment before we can let them take part in water activities at either Sunday Nippers or training events. Please find details for this years assessment:

  •     When: TBC
  •     Where: TBC
  •     Distance: U8s – 25 metres, U9-U14s – 200m, Under 6s and Under 7s are not required to complete a water proficiency assessment
  •     Cost: $2.00 per nipper
  •     Bring: Warm clothing & towel, swim goggles and cap (compulsory)
  •     Be Prepared: Have breakfast before you arrive, wear sunblock and please don’t bring the dog


  •     U14s – 12.00-12.30
  •     U13s – 12.30-13.00
  •     U12s – 13.00-13.30
  •     U11s – 13.30-14.00
  •     U10s – 14.00-14.30
  •     U9s – 14.45-15.15
  •     U8s – 15.15-16.00

If you are unable to make this assessment, proficiency assessments will be done each Nipper Sunday from 8-8.45am until December at the Avalon Beach pool, but it will be cold. Ocean assessments are completed during Nippers when conditions are suitable.

Proficiency Questions: For any proficiency questions contact Matt Brennan at [email protected]

Proficiency Table