Email or call other Surf Club members and arrange to swap.
Post a request for a sub or to swap a patrol shift on our closed Facebook group. If you would like to join this group search for Avalon Beach SLSC Closed Group on Facebook and send a friend request.
Use the Members’ Portal.  In the members portal under “Lifesaving Online / Patrols / Patrol Roster” you can look at each of your rostered patrols and click on “I need a substitute”. There is also a tab called “Substitutions” where you can nominate yourself to take somebody else’s patrol.  This is a good place to start as you can see who is requesting a sub and when their patrol is.  If you need their contact details, please contact our administrator or look on the patrol roster that was emailed to you (the roster on the web has contact details stripped for privacy reasons).


Contact a member of our SUB PATROL.  Click on the name below to email.  Don’t be shy, they are waiting for your call!

Charles Lindop
Chris McGuckin
Chris Hopton
Guy Halsted
Jean Harper
Louise Lindop
Mark Baylis
Michael Bright
Michael Mitton
Michael Thomas
Neil Petersen
Robert Hopton
Bill Wall