Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club – OCTOBER UPDATE
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The season is now in full swing with one of our major community events, the Lion Island Challenge, successfully completed (it was a terrific success this year – read on for more details). Nippers are training hectically throughout the week,  Beach Patrols are on every weekend, Nippers overtake the beach every Sunday, proficiencies and education courses occur almost every day, management meetings, fundraising, social events and so much more are keeping the Club buzzing.  It’s a wonderful lead up to summer.  Following on from their exceptional season last year our boaties are about to launch into their competition for this year.  Get down to one of our local carnivals and give them your support.  Read on for more details.Our next big community event is Carols at the Beach on December 10.  That’s only six weeks away and we could really do with some help with the management of the event.  Please contact our Event Manager Volker Klemm if you can lend a hand.

I would love to be able to report that our patrols are thriving and our patrol attendance was at an all time high, but unfortunately that is not the case. Of the 315 individual patrol sessions carried out so far this season (where each time an individual is rostered onto a patrol counts as one session), 68 have been No Shows, where the member has not shown up for patrol, not arranged a sub, and not been excused by their patrol captain.  This means more than 21% of active members are not showing for their patrols and are letting down their Patrol Teams.  Being a volunteer Life Saver means committing to undertake your Patrols.  If you are not fulfilling your patrol duties, you may lose your benefits as an active member including access key, gym access and Crossfit membership discount.  It’s easy to arrange a sub if you cannot make a patrol, read on for more details or go to our website.  We will be monitoring this closely throughout the season – let’s see a big improvement in the next month.

What a spectacular start to the Nippers season. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteer age managers, coaches, canteen helpers, registrars, clothing store helpers, barbeque cooks, water safety and Nippers management team. To all of our new Nippers and parents, welcome to the Club!
To retain member benefits, all members must be registered and financial (paid their membership fees) by 31st October.  88% of members have completed this process, but that still leaves 12% who have not.If you have not renewed your membership or paid your membership fees, your are not registered for the current season.   If this is the case we are unable to log your patrol or competition hours in Surfguard and cannot enter you into any competition.  You are also not covered for any insurance claims and should therefore not be undertaking any Surf Club related activities including patrols, training or competition.

We really value the enormous contribution you make to the Surf Club.  If you have not already done so, please complete your membership and pay your membership fees now.  

Step by step instructions on how to renew your membership are on our website here.  Instructions for new members are here.  There are instructions on how to create a family group here.  Refer to our Membership Fees page on our website for information on current fees.

At our recent skills maintenance (proficiency) sessions, remembering our signals proved to be, er, somewhat difficult.  If you struggled or even if you think you know them all, you can test your knowledge here.
All active members must complete both wet and dry skills maintenance (proficiency) sessions to ensure their Bronze medallion and other award skills are competent and up to date.  It’s a great refresher prior to donning the red and yellow and hitting the beach.  There are only two dry sessions left, so if you haven’t done your proficiency yet, book in now.  Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) – Dry Bronze and ARTC
Duration 2 hours:
Sunday 6th November 2pm-4pm
Wednesday 9th November 7pm-9pm
Bookings are essential.  Please email [email protected]

Bronze Medallion Wet Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) dates
Saturday 29th October 2.30pm (Rick Mitchell)
Sunday 30th October 2.30pm (Michael King)
Saturday 5th November 10.30am (Mike Stanley-Jones)
Sunday 6th November 2.30pm (Stephen Early)
Saturday 12th November 10.30am (Jeff Nesbitt)
Saturday 12th November 2.30pm (Terry Barber)
Saturday 19th November 10.30am (Mel Hall)
Saturday 26th November 10.30am (Rick Mitchell)
Sunday 13th November 2.30pm (Steve Broderick/Andrew Crow)
Saturday 19th November 2.30pm (Michael King)
Saturday 26th November 2.30pm (Jeff Nesbitt)
Saturday 3rd December 10.30 (Stephen Early)
Saturday 3rd December 2.30pm (Steve Broderick/Andrew Crow)
Saturday 10th December 10.30 (Stephen Early)
Sunday 4th December 2.30pm (Terry Barber)
Saturday 10th December 2.30pm (Michael King)
Sunday 18th December 2.30pm (Rick Mitchell)

Note, please consider surf conditions. Wet proficiency sessions may be cancelled at short notice at the discretion of the assessor running the proficiency.

HOW TO GET A SUBHow do you get a sub for your patrol?

  • Email or call other Surf Club members and arrange to swap.
  • Post a request for a sub or to swap a patrol shift on our closed Facebook group. If you would like to join this group search for Avalon Beach SLSC Closed Group on Facebook and send a friend request.
  • Use the Members’ Portal.  In the members portal under “Lifesaving Online / Patrols / Patrol Roster” you can look at each of your rostered patrols and click on “I need a substitute”. There is also a tab called “Substitutions” where you can nominate yourself to take somebody else’s patrol.  This is a good place to start as you can see who is requesting a sub and when their patrol is.  If you need their contact details, please contact our administrator or look on the patrol roster that was emailed to you (the roster on the web has contact details stripped for privacy reasons).
  • Contact a member of our SUB PATROL.  Names and details are below.  Don’t be shy, they are waiting for your call!

Charles Lindop 0419224214 [email protected]
Chris McGuckin 0418601389 [email protected]
Chris Hopton 0410596196 [email protected]
Diane Lees 0414952050 [email protected]
Guy Halsted 0404020576 [email protected]
Jean Harper 0424320203 [email protected]
Louise Lindop 0414997320 [email protected]
Mark Baylis 0431496996 [email protected]
Michael Bright 0419639094 [email protected]
Michael Mitton 0419488202 [email protected]
Michael Thomas 0412464167 [email protected]
Neil Petersen 0414416069 [email protected]
Nicholas Wood 0425339215    
Robert Hopton 0412328887 [email protected]
Bill Wall 0404619153 [email protected]

The Club Calendar is now available on our website here.  We will keep this up to date with the latest events, carnival dates, courses, proficiency times, bar opening times etc for both Senior and Junior Clubs.  If you have a Google or Gmail account you can subscribe to this calendar so that you always have the latest information on your phone or computer.   Just click the + Google Calendar sign in the bottom right hand corner.
The first Sunday of every month is LIVE MUSIC SUNDAY at the bar. The 4 piece Sassafras blew the roof off in October with a huge live set.   Sunday 6th November from 4:00pm will be a little more sedate, with the Barrenjoey Jazz Combo providing the perfect backdrop for a quiet drink while the sun goes down.  Bring your friends and family.  All welcome.
Dates for Senior Club Championships are below.  Start training!
Sunday 30th October
Sunday 20th November
Sunday 12th February
Our boaties had a ridiculously successful 2015-16 season, and on November 5 they start their campaign for the 2016-17 season with the first carnival at Bilgola Beach.  The first race starts at 8:00am so why not come down and support our team?  Last year we had five crews racing, this year it looks like we will have eleven.  Our surf boat team is riding a wave of success (sorry); if you are interested in joining them or forming a crew, contact our Surf Boat Captain Matt Mayall.  Dates for this season’s Surf Boat Carnivals are below and will soon be in the calendar.
5 Nov Sat: SNB Boats Rnd 1 Bilgola Beach
12 Nov Sat: Ocean Thunder Dee Why
19 Nov Sat: SNB Boats Rnd 2 Newport
3 Dec Sat: SNB Boats Rnd 3 Warriewood
10 Dec Sat: Ocean Thunder Dee Why
17 Dec Sat: North Cronulla Carnival
18 Dec Sun: National Team Selection Eloura
7 Jan Sat: SNB Boats Rnd 4 North Curl Curl
14 Jan Sat: Ocean Thunder Dee Why
15 Jan Sun: Young Guns Collaroy
21 Jan Sat: SNB Boats Rnd 5 Queenscliff
22 Jan Sun: East Coast Masters Collaroy
26 Jan Thur: SNB Boats Rnd 6 Freshwater
28-29 Jan: SNB Boats Rnd 7 Manly
4 Feb Sat: Ocean Thunder Dee Why
4 Feb Sat: Australia NZ Test Waihi NZ
5 Feb Sun: Best of the Best North Narrabeen
11 Feb Sat: SNB Branch Championships TBA
17-19 Feb: ASRL Open Shellharbour
25-26 Feb: Boat Carnival Pacific Palms
10-12 Mar: NSW State Open Championships Swansea
27 Mar-2 Apr: Aussies North Kirra
LION ISLAND CHALLENGECongratulations to all the competitors who took place in the Lion Island Challenge on October 8. A huge thank you to our Race Director Volker Klemm, the committee, water safety and more than 50 helpers from Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club who conducted a smoothly run event despite the southerly coming through and providing some challenging conditions. Well done to “The Lion King” Sasa Vujanic who again took out line honours in the Open men’s division and Freya Alston who won the Open female division. Brett Greewood and Stuart Innes were first across the line in their double ski after an epic battle around the course.  There were 174 entrants, up from 154 the previous year.  The fundraising was also very successful with preliminary figures looking like around $6,000 was made on the day.

The full race results are available here:

Thank you to all our dedicated sponsors who have supported this race for many years and without whom it could not be conducted:

Johnson Bros Mitre 10 Avalon Beach
WindsurfnSnow Watersports
Altitude Training Sydney
Rhino Rack
Carbonology Sport Australia
Australian Paddle Sports
Harvey Norman
Jonah’s Boutique Hotel
The Avalon on the Beach
Penguin Graphics

A dedicated group of beer and kransky lovers gathered at the bar last Saturday to celebrate the start of the season and Octoberfest.  Looking magnificent and uber cool, a fabulous time was had by all.  Thanks very much to Mike Stanley-Jones for organising.
The beach is made of sand, just like sandpaper used to be.  Sand is still used in sandblasting to strip paint and rust from steel.  It’s very effective at stripping fibreglass from rescue and nipper boards.  This photo shows what happens when boards are dragged rather than carried up the beach.  Every year we have to spend thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours fixing boards that wouldn’t have been damaged if they had been carried.  We love to see our boards being used and out in the water, but please carry your boards up the beach, wash them off and put them carefully back in the racks.  If you see someone dragging their board, give them a hand to carry it back to the clubhouse.  Age managers please try and get the message across to all nippers.  Thank you!
Which award will you do this year? We desperately need more patrol captains and IRB drivers.  If you think you are up for the job, contact our Club Captain Mel Hall or our IRB Trainer Terry Barber.  Patrol Captains require their Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management Award as a prerequisite.  IRB Drivers need their IRB Crew Award.  The next IRB Crew and Driver course will commence on Sunday 16th October.

Upcoming Courses are:

Silver Medallion Beach Management
Course, Duration 1 day
Saturday 12 November 9:00am – 5:00pm Venue TBA
Bookings/enquiries: [email protected]

IRB Crew and Driver Course
Ongoing – Sunday mornings at 7:30am
Bookings/enquiries: [email protected]

We are very pleased to announce a new GOLD partnership with Telstra for Carols at the Beach this year. With the NBN now active in Avalon Beach, Telstra will be providing an information booth every second Sunday during Nippers and at the Carols event on December 10. If you want to find how how you can connect to the NBN, look for the Telstra banner. Thank you Telstra, your support is very much appreciated!
This is the last chance to secure a parking permit for this season.  Northern Beaches Council (NBC) Beach Parking Permits are available for Active Patrolling Members.Free permits are available to members who are active patrol members (not office bearers who are not 
actively on the sand patrolling), and don’t already get a permit from another source, e.g. another 
club association or as a ratepayer anywhere on the Northern Beaches.

Please note that NBC will cross reference all applicants with rate payer information.  Please do 
not apply if you are a rate payer and already receive Beach Parking Permits from NBC.
To apply email your full name and full home address to [email protected]

One of our up and coming young members Todd Barber has been selected as one of only 24 from across the state for the SLSNSW Development Networking Program.  The Development Networking Program offers the opportunity for members 18-25 years old from all areas of the organisation to participate in an action packed weekend filled with networking opportunities, workshops, high energy discussions, personal development and key speakers.  The program focuses on developing individuals and exploring the skills and talents they bring to Surf Life Saving in a fun and supportive environment. The 3 day event is all about getting together our Surf Life Saving leaders of the future, giving them a platform to discuss issues that affect them and most importantly, the chance to meet like-minded people from other clubs to foster strong inter-club and branch relationships for the future.  A huge congratulations to Todd, who can add this feather in his cap after winning the President’s Award last season.
The start of waterproofing and competition training for Nippers will be Saturday 22nd October at Palm beach. Pink rashies are compulsory as are orange rashies for water safety. The training schedule is as follows:
Mondays 5:30pm Whale Beach – beach training 
Tuesdays 5:30pm Palm Beach – water competition team training (this will by invite as it’s an advanced session and not for the faint hearted)
Wednesdays 5:30pm Palm Beach – female board training (all girls U9+ welcome)
Saturdays 7:00am Palm Beach – Waterproofing (U7+  all welcome)
Saturdays 7:00am Palm Beach – water competition team training (invite only)
Bernadette, or Bernie as she is commonly known, is our Director of Finance.  This is a huge, thankless and largely behind the scenes role which requires dedication and many hours of work throughout the year.  In her role she is responsible for all of the Club’s finances, banking, accounts, BAS submissions, audits and financial planning.  Together with life member Kevin Veale she provides the annual financial statements for the annual report each year, as well as attending Board of Management meetings each month. She works closely with our senior (Carmen Meehan) and junior (Shellie Vincent) registrars, as well as the junior treasurer (Jo Vincent) to coordinate and manage the registration process and collection of membership fees for the whole Club.  In the past year she has managed the transition to electronic banking and is currently working on the financial planning for the next five years as part of our strategic plan.  She joined the Club in 2009, the same year she got her Bronze Medallion.  Like many of our most committed members, Bernie not only undertakes her role as Director of Finance, but actively patrols the beach with Patrol 6 and is an Under 13 Age Manager as well.  Her son Harrison and husband Martin are also valued members of the Club.  Bernie is another of those quiet achievers in our organisation without whom we could not do without.  She brings a level of expertise and professionalism to our Board of Management which is invaluable.  It is great to know that our finances are so well managed and in such a safe pair of hands.  Thank you Bernie!
30 Oct: Club Championships
20 Oct: Club Championships
10 Dec: Carols at the Beach
15 Jan: Avalon Beach Surf Swim
12 Feb: Club Championships
12 Nov: 8am Water Carnival Newport
20 Nov: 8am Carnival Manly
27 Nov: 8am Ironman Carnival Freshwater
4 Dec: 8am Water Teams Carnival Queenscliff
11 Dec: Christmas Nippers
15 Jan: 8am Carnival Narrabeen
21 Jan: Twilight Nippers
27 Jan: 8am Nipper Nats Manly
5 Feb: 8am Branch TBA
12 Feb: Club Championships
3 Mar: 8am State ChampsSwansea Belmont
12 Mar: Final Fun Nippers
2 April: Presentation Day