September Newsletter

Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club – SEPTEMBER UPDATE
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What a start to the season, with the Pinkies and Antiques both bringing home Gold World Championship medals.  Both crews not only won their own divisions, they both came 4th in the Open divisions.  Congratulations to both teams and welcome home.

Last weekend saw the first patrols at Avalon Beach for the season, and it’s great to be back on the beach.  October 16 also sees the the first day of Nippers.  It’ll be hard to top last year’s incredible season, but if anyone can it’s our amazing Nippers team.

If you haven’t been rostered on to a patrol it may mean that you haven’t renewed your registration yet.  This Friday is the last day to renew for Senior members before membership prices rise, so get to it now!  Now is also the time to be doing your proficiency.  Read on for more information on skills maintenance (Proficiency) and course times.  A reminder that all active members including those doing Nippers water safety must be proficient.

Unfortunately this year we are down to 13 patrols, which means more time on the beach is required by active members to fulfil our patrol obligations.  In order to increase the number of our patrols we desperately need more patrol captains and IRB drivers.  If you think you are up for the job, contact our Club Captain Mel Hall or our IRB Captain Alan Moran.

75% of members have renewed their membership and taken advantage of earlybird prices.  If you have a members portal account it only takes a minute.

If you are renewing a family it is easiest to link your family members in a family group beforerenewing.  You can then renew all members in one click.

Step by step instructions on how to renew your membership are on our website here.  Instructions for new members are here.  There are instructions on how to create a family grouphere.  Refer to our Membership Fees page on our website for information on current fees.

It’s all go for the first day of Nippers on October 16 at 9:00am.  The uniform shop will be open and proficiencies will be held prior to Nippers each Sunday.  Please ensure that your children are registered and membership fees have been paid prior to the start of the Nippers season.

Step by step instructions on how to renew your membership and register new Nippers, including information on membership fees, are on our website here.  A Membership Renewal Form must be (electronically) signed by all members.  Membership fees must be paid at the time of submitting your renewal or registration form.

All active members must complete both wet and dry skills maintenance (proficiency) sessions to ensure their Bronze medallion and other award skills are competent and up to date.  It’s a great refresher prior to donning the red and yellow and hitting the beach.  There are only two dry sessions left, so if you haven’t done your proficiency yet, book in now.

Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) – Dry Bronze and ARTC
Duration 2 hours:
– Weds 5th October 7pm-9pm
– Sunday 16th October 2pm-4pm
Bookings are essential.  Please email[email protected]

Bronze Medallion Wet Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) dates
Saturday 1st October 10.30am (Nick Sampson)
Sunday 2nd October 2.30pm (Michael King)
Saturday 8th October 2.30pm (Jeff Nesbitt)
Sunday 9th October 10.30am (Mel Hall)
Saturday 15th October 10.30am (Mike Stanley-Jones)
Sunday 16th October 2.30pm (Terry Barber)
Saturday 22nd October 10.30am (Stephen Early)
Saturday 22nd October 2.30pm (Nick Sampson)
Sunday 23rd October 2.30pm (Steve Broderick/Andrew Crow)
Saturday 29th October 2.30pm (Rick Mitchell)
Sunday 30th October 2.30pm (Michael King)
Saturday 5th November 10.30am (Mike Stanley-Jones)
Sunday 6th November 2.30pm (Stephen Early)
Saturday 12th November 10.30am (Jeff Nesbitt)
Saturday 12th November 2.30pm (Terry Barber)
Saturday 19th November 10.30am (Mel Hall)
Saturday 26th November 10.30am (Rick Mitchell)
Sunday 13th November 2.30pm (Steve Broderick/Andrew Crow)
Saturday 19th November 2.30pm (Michael King)
Saturday 26th November 2.30pm (Jeff Nesbitt)
Saturday 3rd December 10.30 (Stephen Early)
Saturday 3rd December 2.30pm (Steve Broderick/Andrew Crow)
Saturday 10th December 10.30 (Stephen Early)
Sunday 4th December 2.30pm (Terry Barber)
Saturday 10th December 2.30pm (Michael King)
Sunday 18th December 2.30pm (Rick Mitchell)

Note, please consider surf conditions. Wet proficiency sessions may be cancelled at short notice at the discretion of the assessor running the proficiency.

HOW TO GET A SUBA Patrol Captain relies on their team to turn up, on time, in full patrol uniform and ready for patrol.  As a Club we are required to be “rescue ready” at 9:00am on patrol days, so please ensure you arrive for patrol at least 20 minutes early to set up. If you cannot make your patrol date, you MUST arrange a substitute and let your Patrol Captain know.  You must ensure that your sub has the adequate awards to cover your shift.
If an urgent event means that you cannot attend a patrol at the last minute, notify your Patrol Captain by phone as soon as possible and asked to be recorded in the patrol log as “excused”.  If you do not show up to a patrol you will be recorded as a “no show” and may be asked to perform penalty patrols or have your member benefits reduced or removed, including competition rights.

How do you get a sub for your patrol?

  • Email or call other Surf Club members and arrange to swap.
  • Post a request for a sub or to swap a patrol shift on our closed Facebook group. If you would like to join this group search for Avalon Beach SLSC Closed Group on Facebook and send a friend request.
  • Use the Members’ Portal.  In the members portal under “Lifesaving Online / Patrols / Patrol Roster” you can look at each of your rostered patrols and click on “I need a substitute”. There is also a tab called “Substitutions” where you can nominate yourself to take somebody else’s patrol.  This is a good place to start as you can see who is requesting a sub and when their patrol is.  If you need their contact details, please contact ouradministrator or look on the patrol roster that was emailed to you (the roster on the web has contact details stripped for privacy reasons).
  • Contact a member of our SUB PATROL.  Names and details are below.  Don’t be shy, they are waiting for your call!

Charles Lindop 0419224214 [email protected]
Chris McGuckin 0418601389 [email protected]
Chris Hopton 0410596196 [email protected]
Diane Lees 0414952050 [email protected]
Guy Halsted 0404020576 [email protected]
Jean Harper 0424320203 [email protected]
Louise Lindop 0414997320 [email protected]
Mark Baylis 0431496996 [email protected]
Michael Bright 0419639094 [email protected]
Michael Mitton 0419488202 [email protected]
Michael Thomas 0412464167 [email protected]
Neil Petersen 0414416069 [email protected]
Nicholas Wood 0425339215
Robert Hopton 0412328887 [email protected]
Bill Wall 0404619153 [email protected]

The Club Calendar is now available on our website here.  We will keep this up to date with the latest events, carnival dates, courses, proficiency times, bar opening times etc for both Senior and Junior Clubs.  If you have a Google or Gmail account you can subscribe to this calendar so that you always have the latest information on your phone or computer.   Just click the + Google Calendar sign in the bottom right hand corner.
The first Sunday of every month is LIVE MUSIC SUNDAY at the bar. This Sunday 2nd October from 4:00pm come and see Sassafras with Jaime Preston. Forget Hendrix, Page and Clapton, if you want to see some great guitar playing, Jaime is a phenomenon. One not to be missed.
Preliminary dates for Senior Club Championships are below.  Start training!
Sunday 30th October
Sunday 20th November
Sunday 12th February
Thanks to our Surf Sports Captain Nick Sampson for the following World Championships report:
Avalon Beach had a excellent time at the World Championships and came away with incredible results to boot.
The Masters women crew won their division, defending their title.
The Pinkies also won their division.
The Masters women rowed in the Open women’s division and really out did themselves, coming away with a very close 4th place.
The Pinkies rowed the Open men’s division on the same day, rowing 7 races in very flat windy and choppy conditions. The Open Men’s final was the last race and the Pinkies led the race for almost the entire course, just running out of gas in the last 50m.  With a very tight finish for 4th it was a great effort considering the boat rowed in the final had not been rowed before. Everyone had a great time.  Full report, videos and photos to come.

Infite oceans
The Masters women rowed at Biarritz in the south of France and won their age category.  They also represented Australia at the Inter-Countries and had a spectacular race with a big wave and a bigger wipe-out. . Full report, videos and photos to come.

Which award will you do this year?

Upcoming Courses are:

Bronze Medallion Information Session:
Sunday 9 October, 11:00am. ABSLSC Club Lounge (upstairs)

Provide First Aid:
Two course are scheduled to run at our club as follows:
Wednesday the 12th October 6.00pm to 9.30pm and Wednesday the 19th of October 6.00pm to 9.30pm
Monday 17th of October 6.00pm to 9.30pm and Monday the 24th of October 6.00pm to 9.30pm.

Silver Medallion Beach Management
Course, Duration 1 day
Sunday 16 October 9:00am – 5:00pm Dee Why SLSC
Saturday 12 November 9:00am – 5:00pm Venue TBA


[email protected]

The Lion Island Challenge is on 8th October this year and preparations are in full flight.  This event run by Avalon Beach SLSC is in it’s 11th year and has garnered an international reputation.  With a short and long course around Lion Island and events for skis, racing mals, boards and SUPs, there is something for everyone.  Please let your friends know it’s on.  We will need all the volunteers we can muster to help on the day, so pencil in the date now.  More info here or on the Lion Island facebook page..  To register for the race book here.
We desperately need more patrol captains and IRB drivers.  If you think you are up for the job, contact our Club Captain Mel Hall or our IRB Captain Alan Moran.  Patrol Captains require their Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management Award as a prerequisite.  IRB Drivers need their IRB Crew Award.  The next IRB Crew and Driver course will commence on Sunday 16th October.
Facebook is one of the best ways to keep in touch with what’s happening around the Club.Did you know that our Club has 2 Facebook pages, a group page for members and public page for the Community? Why not join our member page hereand like our public page here?
Help send our Under 15 Age group to New Zealand in January.  This is a great deal with specially labelled discount quality wine.  Every case you buy contributes tot he U15 trip.  You can find out more and order your wine here.
The following Nipper carnival dates and times have been announced.  Note this year that some carnivals have been split into separate beach and water events.
Board Carnival Sunday 1pm 23-Oct Dee Why
Beach Carnival Saturday 8am 29-Oct Queenscliff
Water Carnival Saturday 8am 12-Nov Newport
Carnival Sunday 8am 20-Nov Manly
Ironman Carnival Sunday 8am 27-Nov Freshwater
Water Teams Carnival  Sunday 8am 4-Dec Queenscliff
Carnival Sunday 8am 15-Jan Narrabeen
Nipper Nats Friday 8am 27-Jan Manly
Branch Sunday 8am 5-Feb TBA
State Champs  Friday 8am 3-Mar Swansea Belmont
The start of waterproofing and competition training for Nippers will be Saturday 22nd October at Palm beach. Pink rashies are compulsory as are orange rashies for water safety. The training schedule is as follows:
Mondays 5:30pm Whale Beach – beach training
Tuesdays 5:30pm Palm Beach – water competition team training (this will by invite as it’s an advanced session and not for the faint hearted)
Wednesdays 5:30pm Palm Beach – female board training (all girls U9+ welcome)
Saturdays 7:00am Palm Beach – Waterproofing (U7+  all welcome)
Saturdays 7:00am Palm Beach – water competition team training (invite only)
At only 25 and female, Mel is not your typical Surf Club Captain.  That says a lot for her tenacity and dedication.  She joined the Club in 2007 at the age of 16, and has thrown herself into Club life ever since.  She has 41 awards to her name, including Silver Medallion IRB Driver, Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management, Silver Medallion Advanced Emergency Care and ARTC.  In 2015 Mel was selected for the State 18-25 years Development Program.  Mel is the only current female driver in our IRB racing team.  She is also the Patrol Captain of Patrol 15.  As Club Captain she has a huge job, being responsible for all our lifesaving services.  Just some of her duties include completing the patrol roster, ordering our patrol uniforms, ensuring that all our lifesaving equipment is compliant and certified, attending Branch and Board of Management meetings, managing our patrol teams and appointing our patrol captains.  Mel is easy going, bubbly and enthusiastic.  I don’t know where she finds the energy to complete all her duties after her daytime job in child care, but she never seems to flag and does it all with a smile.  There aren’t many 25 year-olds that would take on the Club Captain role with all it entails, but Mel has shown that she is more than capable of meeting the challenge.  Mel is an amazing role model not only for all the girls and young women in the Club, but for all of us.
30 Sep: Earlybird  membership fees finish
5 Oct: Dry Proficiency 7:00pm
8 October: Lion Island Challenge
9 Oct: Bronze Medallion Information Session 11:00am
16 Oct: Surf Club Open Day
16 Oct: Dry Proficiency 2:00pm
30 Oct: Club Championships
20 Oct: Club Championships
10 Dec: Carols at the Beach
15 Jan: Avalon Beach Surf Swim
12 Feb: Club Championships
16 Oct: Nippers Starts
23 Oct:  1pm Board Carnival Dee Why
29 Oct: 8am Beach Carnival Queenscliff
12 Nov: 8am Water Carnival Newport
20 Nov: 8am Carnival Manly
27 Nov: 8am Ironman Carnival Freshwater
4 Dec: 8am Water Teams Carnival Queenscliff
15 Jan: 8am Carnival Narrabeen
27 Jan: 8am Nipper Nats Manly
5 Feb: 8am Branch TBA
3 Mar: 8am State ChampsSwansea Belmont